As support paddler in the Palm to Shelly beach swim, your role is to:

Guide your swimmer(s) and take responsibility for their safety. Relay information between the skipper/support crew and your swimmer. Maintain a positive and encouraging demeanour. Continue to assess your swimmer’s physical and mental condition throughout the event. Asking them simple questions, check they are coherent and their behaviour. Maintain both the swimmers safety and your own. Ensure you keep a safe distance from other swimmers.

IMPORTANT -Discuss with you swimmer where they prefer you to be when paddling (to the left, right or in front?). Have a plan of where you will meet your swimmer and support boat at the designated rendevous point at the start of the race. The kayaker should be able to identify their swimmer in the water, likewise the swimmer should be able to recognise their kayaker,

During the event, the paddler should stay parallel to the boat, which the skipper will be keeping on the most direct line. The skipper will also choose the safest route The swimmer should stay parallel to the kayak. Make sure you can see the swimmer at all times. Stay by their side and make sure other support boats know there is a swimmer by your side.

Paddlers for solo swimmers will need to feed their swimmer by passing the food over. You can give them liquids by throwing them a bottle attached to a rope. Have a nutrition run-sheet worked out with your support crew and swimmer. NOTE; swimmers cannot hold on to the kayak.

Consider having additional paddlers to rotate and share the paddle support. Ensure that you have food and water for your own requirements too!!

What to Wear:

  • Sun protection
  • Hat
  • Long sleeve shirt/rash vest
  • shorts or wet suit
  • Sun glasses
  • sunscreen
  • PFD personal flotation device