1Johnno CotterillSolo unassisted6:24:10
2Jodie MillarSolo unassisted6:32:52
3Will SlinnSolo unassisted7:00:05
4Laura WallaceSolo unassisted7:00:20
5Ali SmithSolo unassisted7:33:18
6Tara GroutSolo unassisted7:34:07
7Mark RadfordSolo unassisted7:34:08
8Andrew KeaySolo unassisted7:52:28
9Jonathan WallSolo unassisted7:52:28
10Ross YoungmanSolo unassisted7:52:58
11Victor PineiroSolo unassisted8:08:02
12Steve CorkSolo unassisted8:12:20
13Luke RichardsSolo unassisted8:12:21
14Michael OsborneSolo unassisted8:15:33
15Sharon YoungSolo unassisted8:22:15
16Julie BoxsellSolo unassisted8:27:10
17Eric BatemanSolo unassisted8:48:20
18Brendan MaherSolo unassisted9:21:23
19Brenton BarkerSolo unassistedDNF
1Kim CookTeam unassisted (8 cheeks to the wind)8:23:10
1Lucy Warhurst Team unassisted (8 cheeks to the wind)8:23:10
1Vivien HowardTeam unassisted (8 cheeks to the wind)8:23:10
1Inez MaurerTeam unassisted (8 cheeks to the wind)8:23:10
10km Solos
PositionName10km unassistedTime
1Gilly LynchSolo unassisted3:04:02
2Nicole BrownSolo unassisted3:05:20
Special mention

Anna Strachan was the first lady to complete the Australian Triple Crown swim on 28/2/2021

9:27 Hours FIRST LADY to complete Australian Triple Crown Swim