Swim INFO Manly2Bundeena

The Manly North Head to Bundeena 35km ocean swim in Sydney NSW will be held on one of these dates: 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th,18th,19th December 2021; subject to ocean conditions.

This swim is open to teams that are experienced ocean swimmers. Solo swimmers must be highly experienced in long swims. The eligibility criteria is that you have either swam the Palm to Shelly 27km or one of the ocean’s seven channel swims. You are invited to show an expression of interest by email. All swimmers will be vetted to see if they meet the criteria.

Be aware that this swim is a shore start from either Shelly Beach or Little Manly Beach; subject to tides. You will have to swim across Sydney harbour. You will swim across Botany Bay and if large shipping vessels are either entering or leaving the port; then your boat will be directed by Port Authority. Swimmers may be held up for large vessel traffic and will be required to tread water and stay in the water until allowed to proceed (similar to Manhattan swim). The third harbour to swim across is Port Hacking where swimmers will finish at Bundeena Beach. This swim is for highly experienced ocean swimmers and you may finish at night . Swimmers require boat support, swim support and observer on the boat and a kayaker or a rubber ducky or a Jetski escort. Boat, kayaker and swimmer will require lights for night swimming. It is highly likely that you will encounter some interesting marine life and your ability to manage the situation will be based on your experience and that of your support team.

Email enquiry anotherlevelperformance1@gmail.com

Entries will open on 1st August 2021 and close 30th October 2021 and the cost will be $300 per person. Late entries $400.