About Timmy Garrett

Strength is great. But endurance… That’s a story

Some adventures:

End Wet North Dakota 59km swim

The Manhattan Project: Swim Manhattan island 45km then cycle 834km across 5 States then run 232km along the Hudson river to Time Square.

New Zealand South Island project: Swim Cook Strait 42km then cycle 860km across the mountains then run 112km to Queenstown.

Gibraltar Strait Swim 16km

Uberman: Swim Catalina channel 32km then cycle 640km through Mojave dessert then run Badwater 220km through Death Valley.

Arch2Arc: Run London to Dover 139km then swim English channel 32km then cycle to Paris 290km

Palm2Shelly swim 25km then cycle 200km then run 80km

Greenland North south traverse.

Rottnest: run 63km then swim Rottnest 22km then cycle 110km

Canada: cycle across from east coast to west coast 7777km

Antarctica: 1130km traverse to South Pole

Canada run Yukon river ice road 530km

Everest: run above base camp from Lukla

Kalahari desert: run 260km

Other ultra marathon runs…